David L. Mire

David L. Mire

Financial Advisor, ME, CEO, RFC®*

Phone: 337-593-3195
Fax: 337-593-3263

David L. Mire, Managing Executive and Financial Advisor for Royal Alliance Associates, Inc., is located at MidSouth Bank in Lafayette, Louisiana. 


He has been nationally recognized for his outstanding implementation of investment services within community banks.  In 1994 David approached MidSouth Bank over with a proposal to create and launch an investment and insurance program independent and separate from the bank that would benefit its current and future customers.  Since MidSouth Bank accepted that proposal, Royal Alliance has been able to provide MidSouth Bank's customers with the essential tools for complete financial planning, thereby resulting in a harmonious relationship between bank, customer, and financial advisor.


David has also previously been featured in two nationally acclaimed investment magazines (Investment Advisor and Bank Investment Consultant) for his astounding achievements. As David stated in the article of Bank Investment Consultant Magazine “We're not just about selling investments, but building strong relationships”.


David has developed a team of advisors that together services all of MidSouth Bank's Retail Branches across Louisiana and Texas that specialize in a wide range of financial services. David's administrative staff includes an Operations Manager, a full time Administrative Assistant and a part-time Administrative Assistant.


He lives in Lafayette with his wife Rene and his four boys.